Morning visualization

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Why visualize?

Visualizing has many benefits but two of them stand out.

First of all it’s power to prepare you for a specific situation. Visualizing something has been proven to affect the mind in the same way as to actually do the thing you’re visualizing. This means that if you have an upcoming task or presentation that you are nervous or scared of you can visualize yourself doing it and succeeding and when it’s time to actually do it your mind already has experience and you’ll be calmer and more likely to perform.

And secondly visualizing sends a red flag to your subconscious mind that those thoughts are far more important than any other thought and your mind will push you towards you goals the rest of the day without you even trying.

It works in the same way as if you were to hear a weird name once and then suddenly hear it everywhere. You tell your subconscious mind what to pick up and focus on.

When to visualize

Visualizing can be done in various states of consciousness, among them are being awake, during hypnosis and during lucid dreaming.

Hypnosis and Lucid dreaming are the most effective ones but also the ones that requires the most effort. If you haven’t got any experience of either the best is to start visualizing during normal consciousness.

Since visualizing is most effective during altered states of consciousness, when you wake up and before bed are the most powerful times to visualize. This is because that is when the subconscious mind is the most receptive and affected and your mind can use your guidelines of what thoughts are important all day/all night. To visualize straight before bed actually affects your dreams which in turn affects your subconscious mind. 

How to visualize

Find a quiet place for you morning visualization. Preferably the same place every day since it helps the process of turning this routine into a ritual.

The trick is to visualize that you already have achieved what you want or your way successfully getting there.

For visualization to be effective it must be combined with feelings. Simply thinking about your goals and desires will have some effect but few things are as strong as human emotion. Done correctly this can increase your motivation and control your emotions in future situations.

Effective visualization takes practise and it can help to have something that guides you through it so your mind doesn’t wander to other places.

This can be done in many different ways but two effective ones are: recording yourself with instructions about what to visualize and the other is looking at pictures that represent your goals.


What to visualize

Time to be creative and finding out what you really want and then visualize your way getting there or you when you’ve reached it. A tip can be to divide your morning visualization into different parts.

You can start by visualizing your long term goals and then visualizing todays tasks.


End thoughts 


Visualizing alone won’t create the life of your dreams but it will help you take action towards it. If you visualize the right things in the morning and then combine it with setting goals and reviewing them every day it’s not a matter of if you’ll take action, only when! Your morning visualization and  morning routine in general will make it impossible to neglect you goals longer than a day.